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About Onlinevents Workshops 

John & Sandra are a brother and sister team and the co-founders of Onlinevents Online CPD Library.  Both John & Sandra have a passion for learning and growth in a friendly supportive environment.  


Creating an online workshop environment allows practitioners to take part in learning from the comfort of home, without having to worry about the expense and time taken up by travelling and accommodation costs.   To make this as easy as possible for practitioners John & Sandra have spent a lot of time working on finding the right technology to suit the interactive learning style they are both so passionate about. 

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Sandra Wilson
John Wilson 

Co-founder of Onlinevents CPD video library.  I manage Onlinevents' marketing and facilitate our LIVE events, from helping attendees with technical issues ​to helping them feel part of our events via our chat room.  


I am passionate about guiding our customer service team to offer the best experience for our members, presenters and everyone who comes in contact with us.

My business management degree dissertation researched the use of online technology to promote small businesses.  I love to see how this technology is constantly changing and finding out how these can be reflected to promote businesses.

I am also a Money Business Breakthrough coach helping female coaches build their coaching practice with the right mindset and packages that their clients love.  


You can find out more about my coaching at 

INSTAGRAM - @sandrawilsoncoaching


Co-founder of Onlinevents CPD video library.  I enjoy interviewing hundreds of practitioners for our Online Library.  I am passionate about having a place where everyone has their voice, either as a presenter of as an attendee in our online chat room.

I am a trainer in the Person Centred field and have brought this experience to Temenos, contributing to various year groups including Diploma and MSc cohorts. I am currently working with the Temenos Diploma group.


My specialism is online counselling which has developed into offering online CPD for Partitioners via Onlinevents. This online environment has seen the growth and development of online group experience through the use of an unstructured chat room environment.

We are a growing team full of life long learners.  We are here to support you on your life long learning journey too!

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