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Good Enough Counsellors: Finding the Courage and Confidence to Grow Your Practice


PART 1 Wednesday 2nd October, 7pm - 9PM

1n this workshop we’ll work on exploring what it is that we are seeking to achieve in our practice, introduce the Drama Triangle and examine how it impacts us in terms of personal and professional growth. We’ll discuss alternative ways of being that enable a proactive approach to develop ourselves, our practice, and if relevant, our business.

Part 2

In the second workshop we will identify the ways in which we use self-criticism and shame to sabotage ourselves and our practice. We’ll discuss how self-care and self-compassion can make a difference when we’re encountering difficulties.

Part 3 

In week 3, the focus is on the things that can distract us from working towards our goals. We’ll examine imposter syndrome, comparanioa, “shiny object syndrome”, and the qualification treadmill. We’ll discuss how to grow and be creative in our practice when experiencing self-doubt.

Part 4 

To conclude the training, the final session will draw all the threads together and include group coaching. Participants are invited to bring an issue for discussion. This may be a business, practice, or personal dilemma and the coaching will be focused around the individual mindset issues that arise. Please note, this is not supervision and participants are reminded to work within the boundaries of confidentiality.

Please contact one of the team on +44 114 4782601 or for more information. 

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