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Business Of Therapy - Alison Moore


PART 1 20th MAY, 7-9.30PM - Marketing (re)visited​

In workshop 1, we look at an introduction to marketing – the four (or five) P’s of marketing – so much more than advertising – and whether your current or planned business fits with your aims. And where there are gaps, we will look at what can be done to lessen and remove them.

Part 2 - 3rd JUNE, 7-9PM - Second thoughts

In workshop 2 we will look at business processes including records ~ please don’t run away now. I will make record keeping simple and as straightforward as possible.  We will look at Apps, for example online diary or practice management or accounting; and paper-based records. We will look at your turnover and profit, including full explanations of these terms so that you can tell how your business is.

Part 3 - 17 JUNE, 7-9PM - And thirdly

In the third workshop we will be pulling it all together in your business plan – giving you a one page view of your therapy business, which you can use to inform your planning – whether to give up another job, take extra rooms, take on admin support, decrease a day a week to spend time on ‘you’. And your plan can remind you of your success through your hard work, something as therapists we sometimes forget?



Please contact one of the team on +44 114 4782601 or for more information. 

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