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Business Of Therapy - Alison Moore

About Alison's 3 part online workshop:

This workshop is for:

- Colleagues who have an existing therapy business.

- Colleagues thinking about starting their own Therapy business including moving from employed to self-employed.


This series of 3 online workshops will review how you need your business to look,  (your brand) and will help you create a simple business plan including clear financial structure so that you can focus on what matters – your clients.

Having a sound, suitable business structure means that as therapists we are confident in the financial and legal aspects we have set up, which means that we have more energy, creativity and empathy for our clients.

Following on from the series of GDPR conversations I had, online and individually, I have been privileged to talk with many colleagues about their businesses. There are several common themes that can be troublesome, and these workshops arose from my discussions.

You will have workbook/information sheets for each workshop, so that you can reflect on your own business in your own time. I will offer a 121 sessions via video (and face to face if you are near to Blandford Forum) at a special rate of £25 per 30 minutes for all attendees - where we can really focus on your unique therapy business.


Part 1 - Marketing (re)visited​

In workshop 1, we look at an introduction to marketing – the four (or five) P’s of marketing – so much more than advertising – and whether your current or planned business fits with your aims. And where there are gaps, we will look at what can be done to lessen and remove them. 

Part 2 - Second thoughts​

In workshop 2 we will look at business processes including records ~ please don’t run away now. I will make record keeping simple and as straightforward as possible.  We will look at Apps, for example online diary or practice management or accounting; and paper-based records. We will look at your turnover and profit, including full explanations of these terms so that you can tell how your business is.

Part 3 - And thirdly​

In the third workshop we will be pulling it all together in your business plan – giving you a one page view of your therapy business, which you can use to inform your planning – whether to give up another job, take extra rooms, take on admin support, decrease a day a week to spend time on ‘you’. And your plan can remind you of your success through your hard work, something as therapists we sometimes forget.



As a fellow therapist and experienced business mentor, I bring a blend of person-centred perspectives to (what can be) a cold and difficult environment.


I am a successful Counsellor and supervisor [and as I write this I notice a squirm in my tummy ] 


I understand and manage the tensions between my clinical practice and my business world with compassion, professionalism and humour. 


This means that I can offer an ethical, professional service to my clients whilst achieving my personal and economic wellbeing.


With more than 20 years’ experience of running successful businesses, and mentoring hundreds of established and start-up businesses, I have made and seen many of the mistakes that can make working for ourselves such a burden that we struggle with the parts of the job we like – helping our clients.


This programme is based on my experiences and will mean that you do not need to make these mistakes, and if you have, possible solutions are to hand.

Alison Moore 


New Workshop Programme


We are acutely aware that for many colleagues in the helping professions travel is extremely difficult due to time, money and health constraints. We are developing this programme so that the workshops offered by experienced trainers from all over the world can also be accessed by you from the comfort of your own home

This workshop will be hosted in the Zoom meeting platform which has all the resources we need to create an experiential group learning environment. The workshops will have access to an online group room, breakout rooms for small groups, whiteboards for creating and sharing resources and the capacity to communicate with voice and text.

How Do I Join the Workshop?

One week before the date of the workshop you will receive an email which will include a clickable link to join the workshop. About 10 minutes before the workshop is about to begin please goto this email and click on the link. This will open the Zoom meeting on your computer or mobile device.

When you register for the workshop you will receive an email with an invitation to meet a colleague from the onlinevents team in Zoom who will help you orientate to the Zoom environment. Because the workshop will require the use of the camera and microphone on your computer or mobile device we want to help you feel confident using your technology.

Please note that we are requiring that all workshop participants meet with a colleague from the onlinevents team before participating in the onlinevents workshop programme so that the workshop can begin and run smoothly. Any colleagues who do not respond to the invitation for the pre-workshop meeting will not be able to join the workshop. This pre-workshop meeting will prepare you to attend this workshop and any other onlinevents workshop that you choose to register for. You wont need to attend one meeting per workshop.

Reduced Workshop Fees


We are offering a reduced number of low cost places to this workshop on a first come first serve basis. The tickets will be visible until they are sold out and then the full cost places will be visible on the ticket form.

Please contact one of the team on +44 114 4782601 or for more information. 

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