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Good Enough Counsellors: Finding the Courage and Confidence to Grow Your Practice 


Every Wednesday from 2nd Oct - 23rd Oct, 7-9.30PM

These linked workshops use the framework of Karpman’s Drama Triangle to help practitioners move away from fear and towards a focused, solution-oriented approach so that they feel able to expand their work into new areas.

Each week focuses on one aspect of the drama triangle and employs various therapeutic approaches to provide answers to common problems such as imposter syndrome and procrastination.


It is suitable for anyone who has the desire to move more deeply into their counselling practice but feels hampered both by practicalities such as time and money, and by their fears about being good enough to engage in the work.

Who will benefit from this workshop?

Would you like to progress your counselling career but find yourself hampered by lack of confidence? This might show up in terms of procrastination, disorganisation, lack of motivation or a sense of not being as skilled as your peers.

Are you trying to:

- Find a counselling placement?

- Apply for counselling jobs?

- Move into further training, e.g., a new level or supervision?

- Set up in private practice?

- Grow your private practice but feel frightened by the marketing?

- Develop a new area of business alongside counselling?


Previous participants have said:

“This has been the most rewarding course I have attended as a counsellor. I feel like I have been given a great big hug and a huge boost to my sense of wellbeing”

“Very inspiring. Has definitely helped me to make a positive move towards setting up in private practice”

“I feel like you truly want me to grow as a person and in my practice – so authentic”

“It was just a lovely growth promoting workshop. It just felt completely safe and nurturing”


Week 1: 

In this workshop we’ll work on exploring what it is that we are seeking to achieve in our practice, introduce the Drama Triangle and examine how it impacts us in terms of personal and professional growth. We’ll discuss alternative ways of being that enable a proactive approach to develop ourselves, our practice, and if relevant, our business.


Week 2: 

In the second workshop we will identify the ways in which we use self-criticism and shame to sabotage ourselves and our practice. We’ll discuss how self-care and self-compassion can make a difference when we’re encountering difficulties.


Week 3: 

In week 3, the focus is on the things that can distract us from working towards our goals. We’ll examine imposter syndrome, comparanioa, “shiny object syndrome”, and the qualification treadmill. We’ll discuss how to grow and be creative in our practice when experiencing self-doubt.


Week 4: 

To conclude the training, the final session will draw all the threads together and include group coaching. Participants are invited to bring an issue for discussion. This may be a business, practice, or personal dilemma and the coaching will be focused around the individual mindset issues that arise. Please note, this is not supervision and participants are reminded to work within the boundaries of confidentiality.

Workshop Outcomes

You’ll feel empowered and ready to take action on projects you’ve been putting off

You’ll have identified the blocks to your continued development as a practitioner

You’ll feel less alone in your experience of not feeling good enough

You’ll have developed key strategies to help yourself when times get hard and you feel fear and self doubt

You’ll have resolved a problem through group coaching




Josephine Hughes


I aim to facilitate a safe space for course participants so that they are able to share their experience of the things that hold them back and their coping strategies. I achieve this in several ways:

- By leading from the front and sharing my own vulnerabilities. This normalises people’s experience.

- There’s no judgment from the course leader. Been there, done that!

- The use of small groups within the training means people do not feel too exposed

This is a participative group course rather than a series of lectures. People feel comfortable to talk, ask questions, and make connections to sustain them in the future once the course has finished.

Although this course offers a theoretical underpinning to frame the feelings of not good enough, it also offers practical strategies for participants to use going forward in their growth and development.



I thought it was just me!

When I was training as a counsellor, I realised through my therapy that I often felt “not good enough”. Then, as I worked with clients, I discovered that many of them felt the same way. I began to realise this problem was far more common than is acknowledged. Feeling not good enough often leads to shame and this stifles discussion. I have found that, by making myself vulnerable, I am able to connect with many people who feel the same way.


One of the ways I have formed connections is with my Facebook group: Good Enough Counsellors. In the first year of its existence, 3500 therapists joined the group, many of whom expressed the relief that “it’s not just me”. Understanding that this is a shared human experience really does

reduce the sting of shame and isolation.


The problem with feeling not good enough is it stops us from taking action. We compare ourselves with others and find ourselves wanting. We think everyone else is better and that we might as well give up – if, that is, we’ve had the courage to even get started.


I offer this course because I’m passionate about counselling and helping counsellors do their wonderful work in the world. I’m committed to helping counsellors develop their potential so that they can utilise their skills and abilities to help people. Helping them recognise their common experience and developing practical strategies to cope means that they will be able to grow and develop their practice.

-  Good Enough

-  Courage

-  Kindness



Helping counsellors to feel good enough

Josephine works with counsellors and therapists who feel frustrated because they want to help people but they can’t find work.


You have all the qualifications and skills you need but you don’t have the clients. She helps you to build your confidence so that you can earn a living doing what you love. She does this by helping you to value your unique mix of skills and experience. She helps you to identify the beliefs that are holding you back and to identify ways to move forward. When you work with her you will find the motivation and courage to take action. She helps you to find your purpose, your voice and your clients.


By supporting you through 1-1 coaching, training and a free Facebook group, Josephine helps you to help more clients.


Josephine is a BACP Accredited Counsellor who has worked in private practice since 2012. She has over fifteen years experience in training adults and offers online coaching to therapists across the UK.

Josephine Hughes


New Workshop Programme


We are acutely aware that for many colleagues in the helping professions travel is extremely difficult due to time, money and health constraints. We are developing this programme so that the workshops offered by experienced trainers from all over the world can also be accessed by you from the comfort of your own home

This workshop will be hosted in the Zoom meeting platform which has all the resources we need to create an experiential group learning environment. The workshops will have access to an online group room, breakout rooms for small groups, whiteboards for creating and sharing resources and the capacity to communicate with voice and text.

How Do I Join the Workshop?

One week before the date of the workshop you will receive an email which will include a clickable link to join the workshop. About 10 minutes before the workshop is about to begin please goto this email and click on the link. This will open the Zoom meeting on your computer or mobile device.

When you register for the workshop you will receive an email with an invitation to meet a colleague from the onlinevents team in Zoom who will help you orientate to the Zoom environment. Because the workshop will require the use of the camera and microphone on your computer or mobile device we want to help you feel confident using your technology.

Please note that we are requiring that all workshop participants meet with a colleague from the onlinevents team before participating in the onlinevents workshop programme so that the workshop can begin and run smoothly. Any colleagues who do not respond to the invitation for the pre-workshop meeting will not be able to join the workshop. This pre-workshop meeting will prepare you to attend this workshop and any other onlinevents workshop that you choose to register for. You wont need to attend one meeting per workshop.

100% Learning Guarantee


Our number one priority at onlinevents is your learning. Which means we stand by our learning experiences 100%, no matter what, no holds barred, no ifs, no buts. 

If you have a problem, we will solve it. Refund it. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to our Customer Learning Team. We’re here for you. Learning Guaranteed.

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