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Computer Software Guidance


You can book any of our online workshops on our Workshop Programme When you register you will be sent a meeting link that will take you directly to Zoom where the meeting will be held.

Group Work

The great thing about a Zoom meeting is that we can manage group breakout areas.  This is where delegates will be in meeting rooms of 2 or more to carry out group discussion, then come back to the full group.  Whatever is talked about in the group is not shared with the rest of the delegates. When all of the groups are brought back to the one meeting room, groups can feedback what they want from their group discussion. 


You will attend our online workshops in Zoom via your phone, tablet or computer.  This means there are no added accommodation or travel expenses when you attend any of our workshops.


Our workshops are attended with a Self Selected Fee 

CPD Certificates 

All delegates will be emailed their CPD certificate via email after attending the workshop.

Onlinevents' experiential online CPD workshops are held online using the Zoom meeting platform.  


Onlinevents CPD Library is an online video library resource where you can top up your CPD from the comfort of home.  All of the recordings in Onlinevents library are 60 minutes long.  You can view these recordings in your own time and download CPD certificates for every 60 minutes you watch. 


Our Workshop Programme is different from our CPD library.  These workshops are various lengths from half days, full days, two days etc. and are completely interactive.  This means when you join the workshop your video and audio will be activated in order to participate in the workshop with the facilitator and other participants. 

Our workshops provide private breakout rooms where colleagues can spend some time in small groups for group work and come back to the main room for larger discussions. 

These workshops are only available to those registered for the workshop, they will not be recorded, added to our library or streamed LIVE online. 


Technical support is provided before, during and after the workshop by Onlinevents' team

Please contact one of the team on +44 114 4782601 or for more information. 

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