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Nature-Based Soul Dreaming - Wendy Robertson Fyfe


3rd Dec / 10th Dec, 2019 - 7-9.30PM

Who will benefit from this workshop

- Practitioners who are interested in, who are curious and want to put a toe in, or who already have experience of exploring nature/eco-based work with questions about what it means to be human at this historic moment of emergency/shift in human consciousness; of how our understanding of such questions root our practice.

- Practitioners who want to go, or who already go, beyond ‘individualistic’ ways of working with people to include a longer, deeper, wider understanding of ourselves and our work. In these workshops, Dreams as a way of being worked by Soul that go beyond egoic interpretation and analysis from the more usual human-centred way.

- Practitioners who are willing to enter the Mystery and be surprised by both themselves and what might emerge from the client.

- Practitioners who wonder about the purpose of Dreams and different ways of being in conversation with them both for themselves and the people they work with.

- Practitioners who are exploring the Nature-Based Wheel and the stages of Human Development, see the On-Line Events Library and Bill Plotkin’s Nature and the Human Soul; Cultivating Wholeness in a Fragmented World and ‘Wild Mind; Field Guide to the Human Psyche’

- Practitioners who are interested in the visionary work of Bill Plotkin and the Animas Valley Institute


- Practitioners who are willing to risk working experientially and sharing them, whilst there is no pressure to share, sharing deepens development and witness.

“In that first hardly noticed moment in which you wake,

coming back to this life from the other

more secret, moveable and frighteningly honest world

where everything began,

there is a small opening into the new day

which closes the moment you begin your plans.

What you can plan is too small for you to live.

What you can live wholeheartedly will make plans enough

for the vitality hidden in your sleep. (…)”

What to Remember When Waking, David Whyte


Week 1 –Courting the Dreamworld….. slooowlyyyy

Introduction/opening/ preparing Dream Altar/remembering dreams/ listening to dreams and letting them work us /invitations for between workshops including taking dreams out on the land, offerings, and working with clients.


Week 2 – Dream’s Expressing

Check in about process, dyads and then full group/writing or art/character movement/Council. Relate to work with clients. Possible next steps.

NCP Activity5.jpeg

Workshop Outcomes

- Experiencing a deeper understanding of Dreams as original life and soul guiding a person’s life direction born to live; the deeper river flowing underneath.

- Deeper understanding of nature/eco-based or nature connection work; of humans within an Earth Community context of Dreaming. For example, wandering on the land with dreams/dream characters.

- Self-healing and wholing invitations.

- Creating resources and different ways of working with ourselves, each other, and in our Practice with relation to Dreams.

- In a dream denying culture, the participants will also experience further the importance paying attention to Dreams in our work; of opening to allowing ourselves to be dreamed, even be the dream.


I never remember my dreams, though l would like to. Will this course still be relevant for me? 

Yes, it will also likely deepen your relationship with your own dreaming world and how to court Dream-maker. It will therefore also provide ways of working more with your clients.

I have a childhood dream that l remember, would this course enable insights into that?

Yes, as long as the dream is fresh, that you are willing to speak it in the present tense, and for the purposes of the time we have, short.

What about nightmares?

YES, nightmares can be really juicy!!! A great way of working with clients nightmares, especially if their life feels like a nightmare!

Will l need to go out to wilderness places to participate in the workshop?

Yes, though access to a park or patch of land or ie tree even in the city will work. The workshop is about the relation between our inner wildness in the world of dreams and where the inner and outer wildness bridge. It will be essential to offer time outside both before and between workshops.

Will l need to attend Wendy's Onlinevents Interview before the workshop?

Yes, doing so is highly recommended and will be assumed.  We will send you a link to view the recording. 

I’ve never participated in a nature-based/eco workshop, would these workshops be a good entry point?

Yes, no previous experience is expected on these workshops, though experience is also welcome.


Will attending dreams help me fix my life/make my life better?

Unlikely, in fact it might unravel life further to re-align with a deeper pattern and way of being that you might not be aware of at this time, both you and your client.

The world is in emergency, what’s the point of attending to our dreams?

Dreams come from a deeper under-stream of life. It could be that we are in emergency because we are not in conversation with the dreamworld. Thomas Berry even proposed that we are the Dream of Earth; what if Earth is dreaming through us and guiding us at this critical time.


I'm not very technical. How will I manage?

Before the workshop, you will have a one-to-one session with a colleague from 'Onlinevents' who will take you through the technical part. It's not complicated, and if you have basic computer skills you should manage fine. You will need a webcam with sound to fully participate, but again, this will be covered in the 'Tech' session. You can access the workshop from a variety of devices. Read More about our online workshops



Wendy Robertson Fyfe


This course goes beyond dream analysis or interpretation. It takes us deeper both inside the practitioner room and outside in the world; where dreams themselves are living and animate.



I am passionate about dreams and the wisdom of ego-transformational opportunities that go beyond our own imagination. We do not know where they will take us. Dreams have had such an enormous influence in my life and the directions l’ve taken..into trouble in the best kind of ways;) I’m also passionate abut the way dreams are both personal and go beyond the personal into a wider place of ‘being human’ within a Earth Community. They can enable self healing, guide us on the journey to soul and beyond. I experience dreams as a way of being fully present to possibilities for each of us, and our clients, at this time of global emergency or any time. Maybe it would also be great for Governments to start the day speaking their night dreams “from that first hardly noticed moment….”;)

Three words that sum up your course

- Enriching

- Consciousness-expanding

- Wow


Bill Plotkin, Soulcraft; Crossing into the Mysteries between Nature and Psyche, New

World Library, 2003

Robert Bosnak, A Little Course in Dreams, Shambala, 1998

Robert Bosnak, Tracks in the Wilderness of Dreaming; Exploring interior landscape

through practical dreamwork, Delacorte Press, 1996 (& various publishers)

James Hillman, Dream and The Underworld, Harper and Row, 1979

Thomas Berry, Dream of the Earth, Sierra Club 1988, reprint Berkeley 2015

Image by Nicole Honeywill

“The answer is never the answer,

What is really interesting is The Mystery”


Ken Kesey



Wendy Robertson Fyfe

I'm a Renaissance woman; a nature-based soul-centric guide and mentor, poet, writer, psychosynthesis psychotherapist, and photographer. I previously worked as a Cultural Historian, researching the development and professionalism of/allies between medicine and law from the 19th Century in England with regard to redefining women's bodies and social roles and then Associate Lecturer at The Open University in Scotland. In 1995, The Wild, in the form of an Autumn Spruce along the Findhorn River, Scotland, invited me to sing and I joined in with a deeper song. In 2001, I first offered 'The Walk' in East Lothian, filmed by BBC Scotland. My listening eye has since led me to all sorts of awe-inspiring and wondrous places around the globe.

I am passionate about, and committed to, this historic moment of 'The Great Turning' and through my journeying into and over lands experience deeply Earth's urgency for us to dive down to Holy roots; to our inheritance in Imagination and Intelligence of Earth's Dreaming claiming our original mythopoetic voices.... returning with our unique and wild notes in service of Earth Community.

I live in Dunbar, Scotland, the birthplace of John Muir. I'm deeply involved with bringing the work of the Animas Valley Institute to Europe and am currently a Senior Apprentice with Bill Plotkin and the Animas Valley Institute.

BOOK: Whispers; Imagining Earth Community, Surrendering to Earth’s Wisdom – Wendy Robertson Fyfe - (2018)


New Workshop Programme


We are acutely aware that for many colleagues in the helping professions travel is extremely difficult due to time, money and health constraints. We are developing this programme so that the workshops offered by experienced trainers from all over the world can also be accessed by you from the comfort of your own home

This workshop will be hosted in the Zoom meeting platform which has all the resources we need to create an experiential group learning environment. The workshops will have access to an online group room, breakout rooms for small groups, whiteboards for creating and sharing resources and the capacity to communicate with voice and text.

How Do I Join the Workshop?

One week before the date of the workshop you will receive an email which will include a clickable link to join the workshop. About 10 minutes before the workshop is about to begin please goto this email and click on the link. This will open the Zoom meeting on your computer or mobile device.

When you register for the workshop you will receive an email with an invitation to meet a colleague from the onlinevents team in Zoom who will help you orientate to the Zoom environment. Because the workshop will require the use of the camera and microphone on your computer or mobile device we want to help you feel confident using your technology.

Please note that we are requiring that all workshop participants meet with a colleague from the onlinevents team before participating in the onlinevents workshop programme so that the workshop can begin and run smoothly. Any colleagues who do not respond to the invitation for the pre-workshop meeting will not be able to join the workshop. This pre-workshop meeting will prepare you to attend this workshop and any other onlinevents workshop that you choose to register for. You wont need to attend one meeting per workshop.

Reduced Workshop Fees


We are offering a reduced number of low cost places to this workshop on a first come first serve basis. The tickets will be visible until they are sold out and then the full cost places will be visible on the ticket form.

100% Learning Guarantee


Our number one priority at onlinevents is your learning. Which means we stand by our learning experiences 100%, no matter what, no holds barred, no ifs, no buts. 

If you have a problem, we will solve it. Refund it. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to our Customer Learning Team. We’re here for you. Learning Guaranteed.

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