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Neuroscience Workshop

- My first 'interactive' online workshop - really worked well - a sense of feeling connected and engaged with others while learning.

- Great way to gain knowledge for a relatively small fee 

- I thoroughly recommend this course for anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge of the biology and neuroscience of anxiety. I've developed a deeper understanding of my own practice and how to help my clients overcome their anxiety. For me it wasn't good enough knowing how to drive the car, I wanted to look under the bonnet to see how the engine works.

- Wow! What a stimulating course. The online experience worked well and I was surprised at how much interaction this platform allowed with fellow students from all over the world. The topic will change how you view your work with clients and maybe explain aspects of your own behaviour. Brilliantly priced CPD for such high quality workshops

- A well put together workshop series with technical support when needed. This format made it ideal for me to access CPD without leaving home, and reduced my sense of isolation working in a rural private practice. Thank you!


Of attendees said this workshop helped them as a practitioner?

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