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The Kevin Syndrome: How to Manage and Have Quality Relationships With Your Young Adults


This accredited workshop will look at what happened when your little child became the raging tornado called a teenager. It explores the natural reasons for the seemingly changed behaviour, how to understand ways to help them in their world and most importantly the boundaries needed in order for them to transition through that time in their life’s. It also looks at how to remove the angst and anger in the home to construct a more peaceful quiet and connected one.


Outcomes For Participants:

- Understanding what being a teenager is about

- How to help teenagers to cope with change

- Awareness of how it may affect family life

- How to build constructive boundaries to impact more positively on relationships

- Build healthier and more productive relationships from that knowledge




Ian Wallace


My courses are always packed with real life situations in understanding theory bases. It’s presented in an easy to understand way and helps people to make sense of complex issues with tools to help to change people’s lives.


It’s great to get an understanding of the differences in working with difficult issues and whether there is another way to help Client’s engage and cope. As a taster it will help you to understand the dynamics of insecurity, to work with it and modify how it drives our world.


1 - Interesting

2 - Thought provoking

3 - Informative

Who will benefit from this accredited workshop?

Anyone who works with Clients who either have teenagers or are teenagers. This must be one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. This evening will help the Client to understand how they can then change their world.


I have over 9500 hours of face to face work with clients and I am an accomplished presenter, teacher, and trainer. I use my knowledge and experience to present my training courses, bringing to life the subjects I teach using case presentations and real life experiences to put theory and practice learning in an easy and simple way.

I run a truly free resource website,, which is updated monthly with new ways to help people to understand the human dynamic. It gives people an understanding of the work I do, the awareness I gain through my work, and the tools and interventions that I use in my work with Clients.

I also have a website,, which explores the intuitive therapeutic interventions that all of us have but mostly are not aware of. This awareness helps us to use transference and counter transference within a therapeutic encounter. Building trust and working alliances easier and more connected.

I also have a counselling and therapy practice which offers therapeutic and mental health interventions from myself and other professionals in Wakefield details which can be found at


Ian Wallace


About our Accredited Workshop Programme


We are acutely aware that for many colleagues in the helping professions travel is extremely difficult due to time, money and health constraints. We are developing this programme so that the workshops offered by experienced trainers from all over the world can also be accessed by you from the comfort of your own home

This workshop will be hosted in the Zoom meeting platform which has all the resources we need to create an experiential group learning environment. The workshops will have access to an online group room, breakout rooms for small groups, whiteboards for creating and sharing resources and the capacity to communicate with voice and text.

How Do I Join the Accredited Workshop?

One week before the date of the workshop you will receive an email which will include a clickable link to join the workshop. About 10 minutes before the workshop is about to begin please goto this email and click on the link. This will open the Zoom meeting on your computer or mobile device.

When you register for the workshop you will receive an email with an invitation to meet a colleague from the onlinevents team in Zoom who will help you orientate to the Zoom environment. Because the workshop will require the use of the camera and microphone on your computer or mobile device we want to help you feel confident using your technology.

Please note that we are requiring that all workshop participants meet with a colleague from the onlinevents team before participating in the onlinevents workshop programme so that the workshop can begin and run smoothly. Any colleagues who do not respond to the invitation for the pre-workshop meeting will not be able to join the workshop. This pre-workshop meeting will prepare you to attend this workshop and any other onlinevents workshop that you choose to register for. You wont need to attend one meeting per workshop.

Reduced Accredited Workshop Fees


We are offering a reduced number of low cost places to this workshop on a first come first serve basis. The tickets will be visible until they are sold out and then the full cost places will be visible on the ticket form.

100% Learning Guarantee


Our number one priority at onlinevents is your learning. Which means we stand by our learning experiences 100%, no matter what, no holds barred, no ifs, no buts. 

If you have a problem, we will solve it. Refund it. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to our Customer Learning Team. We’re here for you. Learning Guaranteed.

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